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Innovative solutions for your volume and bespoke business requirements, ensuring robust, reliable and effective low cost solutions for maximum profitability.

Engineering Sketch

“Innovating your ideas, developing and detailing the design and preparation for product introduction”.


With our innovation and creative abilities, we’ll develop the ideal concept for you to ensure the products direction for manufacture, based upon your defined specifications or design brief.


“Providing cosmetic or functional components for design validation and evaluation “.



Depending on your requirements we can recommend and provide  accurate prototypes from 'Subtractive Rapid Prototyping', ‘SLA’ & ‘SLS’  to ‘RIM’ & ‘Vacuum Castings’.


“Managing and coordinating your project deliverables from start to finish, using industry standard techniques (Prince 2) and software”.


With our experience GHL TECH offers the discipline of planning, synchronisation, securing and managing resources to bring detailed engineering project goals and objectives to a successful completion to time and within budget.


“2D or 3D CAD data, to suit your requirements. CAD modelling is one of our areas of expertise“.


With over twenty years of experience in CAD data creation and modelling, we can provide whatever you desire. Using analysis techniques to verify the designs.

Warehouse Shelves

“Using the latest techniques and materials to reduce introduction costs and timescales, and also ensuring the right process for your parts”.


With a mass of experience in low and high volume manufacture, we can ensure the right application for your components or products. Using processes from CNC machining, pressing to casting, we’ll ensure costs are appropriate for the application


GHL TECH Ltd. was formed after many years of myself (Gareth Llewellyn) working as a technical design/engineering design/problem solver/solution provider for Automotive and Blue Chip Electronic ‘OEM’s’, and noticing I had a flare and skill in developing new products and also being able to carry out the complete development process, from CAD design through to product introduction.


With focus, energy, passion and the right skill set, and after many months of research and planning GHL TECH Ltd. was formed in 2012 to provide an high end quality service in the world of engineering design, manufacture and project management.


With certified experience in mechanical engineering, design, development, project management and new product introduction, GHL TECH Ltd. can provide realistic, cost effective and complete technical engineering solutions to organisations from large OEM’s to small and medium enterprises, helping them to successfully innovate, develop and manufacture.


GHL TECH Ltd. is a efficient, modern engineering design consultancy with innovation at its core.  With our skills, our imaginative, creative design and low overheads we can develop your ideas and turn them into reality,  ensuring effective low cost solutions for maximum profitability. No project or problem is too small or large for GHL TECH Ltd.

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TEL : 01495 222 627

MOB : 07918 698 091